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Fee Guidelines

Policy Statement

Marian College is committed to providing an affordable fee structure, which is kept deliberately low to ensure that families wishing to access a high quality, Catholic Education are able to do so within their local community.

Table of Annual Fees (table below shows 2019 Annual Fee structure)

The College charges one all-inclusive fee per student that covers tuition, classroom materials, Year Level or curriculum related camps, excursions/incursions, sports and the exclusive use of a College owned Laptop Device.

Year Level School Fee
Year 7 $2,100.00
Year 8 $2,200.00
Year 9 $2,200.00
Year 10 $2,300.00
Year 11 $2,300.00
Year 12 $2,300.00

Note: Annual Fees are charged for the full year in February.

Enrolment Application Fee

Applications for enrolment are to be accompanied by a non-refundable administrative fee of $50.00 per student.

Confirmation of Enrolment Fee

An amount of $250.00 per student is payable on acceptance of an offer of enrolment, $200.00 of which will be offset against the first year’s tuition fee. The full amount of $250.00 is non-refundable should the enrolment be withdrawn.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

This State Government allowance (CSEF) will continue in 2019. Families eligible in 2018 will not need to complete a new application form in 2019. Only families who were not eligible or did not apply for CSEF at Marian College in 2018 will need to complete the application form. There is no age restriction on eligibility for CSEF funding. Any funds received will be applied directly to the Fee Statement of the family to offset the amount included in the College’s all inclusive Fee to cover such activities.

For every eligible CSEF student, an additional discount of $225 off 2019 fees will be deducted from the family’s statement. This discount is funded by the College. This means that CSEF eligibility will be worth a total reduction in fees of $450 per student. The Stewardship Council will review this decision for 2020 at the end of 2019.

Bus Fees

Bus Fees will be charged for the full year at the start of Term 1. For 2019, the full year charge per student is $880.00 (or $220.00 per term). This brings the charging of Bus Fees into line with the charging of School Fees. Bus fees are payable in 4 instalments of $220.00 at the start of each term.

Families are responsible for indicating to the College any change in a student’s usage of a service. For billing purposes, it will be assumed that all ongoing students using a service at the end of the previous year will be continuing to use the service(s) in the following year unless the family indicates otherwise to the College.

  • If a student stops the use of a bus service during the year, a pro rata credit will be raised for the unused portion of the year.
  • Students taking up the service during a term will be charged on a pro-rata basis depending on weeks used for that term (access to a seat will depend on availability).
  • If a student requires a regular seat reserved on 2 separate services then the family will be fully charged for both services.
  • If a family does not pay the bus fee by the required date, the student may lose her seat on the bus.
  • There are no discounts offered for partial use of a service or if more than one sibling uses a service. However, Year 12 students only will be charged a pro-rata amount for Term 4 for that part of the term after their classes formally finish for the year. In 2019, the amount Year 12 students will be charged for Term 4 is $80.00 (or a total of $740.00 for the year).

Jacaranda Digital Resources

The College uses Jacaranda Interactive ebooks in Years 7 to 10. This means that students have online access to the majority of their class resources using one password.

  • The cost of the Jacaranda suite per student in Years 7-10 is $110.00.
  • There are no refunds or discounts on this charge if exiting during the year.
  • These resources need to be bought/paid for through the Office Max booklist process.
  • If a student begins during the School year, the full amount is payable (there are no pro rata payments).

Family Discounts

School Fees are charged on a per student basis, with discount rates applicable to families with more than one student at the College or with a son(s) attending Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. The discount applies to the relevant annual fees for each student based on their Year Level.

  • 7.5% discount off the total annual fees for 2 children
  • 15.0% discount off the total annual fees for 3 children
  • 30.0% discount off the total annual fees for 4 or more children

The actual discount will be rounded to a whole dollar amount for administrative purposes.

There are no family discounts applicable to additional program fees (for example, VET subjects or Sessional Music Classes) or to enrolment or re-enrolment fees or to Bus fees.

VET Fees

The split of VET subject costs between the College and the family depends on the following factors: the provider of the course; the cost of the course set by the provider including what is defined as the student fee component; the availability of alternative courses; and the amount of any band funding available.

  • VET Subject conducted by Marian College – Marian student will be charged the cost of a student’s personal uniform and resource requirements for that subject.
  • VET Subject conducted by another Provider in the Brimbank VET Cluster (BVC) – Marian student will be charged the Student Fee component of the full subject fee set by the BVC.
  • VET Subject conducted by a provider outside of the BVC where a similar course is offered by another Provider within the BVC – Marian student will be charged the full subject fee set by the external provider.
  • VET Subject which is not available from a Provider within the BVC – Marian College will contribute any band funding that the subject might attract (if no band funding is received for the subject, the College will make a discretionary judgement as to the level of any financial support offered).

The cost payable by the family will be added to the Fees Statement by the end of March (this is the latest time for withdrawal from a subject without incurring an obligation to the full fee).

Note: There are no rebates or refunds available for VET Subject costs, whether for an internal or external VET Subject, if a student withdraws from the subject after the date that enrolment is confirmed (currently in late March).

Payment Options and due dates

Annual fees may be paid using any of the following options:

  • Lump sum payments
  • Periodic payments
  • Regular payments (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) according to any of the processes listed below under Payment Methods

In making fee payments, it should be kept in mind that the following payment milestones must be met, unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed to with the College's Accounts Department:

  • By the end of March, 25% of annual fees are due to have been paid
  • By the end of June, 50% of annual fees are due to have been paid
  • By the end of August, 75% of annual fees are due to have been paid
  • All fees and charges for the school year are expected to be paid by the end of October

Payment Methods

Fees may be paid by:

  • Personal or Bank Cheque
  • Eftpos (Debit and Credit Cards)
  • Cash
  • BPay
  • Direct Debit
  • Centrepay Deductions

Youth Allowance

Assistance may be available to students who are sixteen years or older. This assistance is subject to an income assets test and should be claimed via Centrelink directly. There is an expectation that Youth Allowance contributes to the payment of any outstanding fees.

Late entry during School Year

If a student enters the College after the start of the school year, the annual fees will be charged based on the following guidelines:

  • If entry occurs during Term 1 - 100% of annual fees is payable
  • If entry occurs during Term 2 - 75% of annual fees is payable
  • If entry occurs during Term 3 - 50% of annual fees is payable
  • If entry occurs during Term 4 - 25% of annual fees is payable

Discounts for families with more than one student at the College or with a son(s) attending Caroline Chisholm Catholic College apply to late entry students also. An adjustment to the family’s statement will be made to reflect a pro-rata entitlement.

  • If entry occurs during Term 1 - 100% of applicable discount
  • If entry occurs during Term 2 - 75% of applicable discount
  • If entry occurs during Term 3 - 50% of applicable discount
  • If entry occurs during Term 4 - 25% of applicable discount

Withdrawal during the School Year

In the event of a student withdrawing from the College during the year, there may be an entitlement to a partial reduction in the applicable annual fees payable in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • If withdrawal occurs during Term 1 - 25% of the annual fees is payable
  • If withdrawal occurs during Term 2 - 50% of the annual fees is payable
  • If withdrawal occurs during Term 3 - 75% of the annual fees is payable
  • If withdrawal occurs during Term 4 - 100% of the annual fee is payable

Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing. Fee rebates will only be calculated once all required documentation has been provided to the College. Families with outstanding balances after any rebate is processed will be expected to pay off the remaining debt or commit to a payment plan to fulfil that obligation. The students exit record or transfer note will not be processed until one of the above has been satisfied. Having processed any rebates, a cheque refund will be made to any family in credit.

Note: There will be no rebates or refunds available for VET Subject Levies as these charges are liable to be paid to the relevant Institution as soon as enrolment is confirmed.

Discounts for families with more than one student at the College or with a son(s) attending Caroline Chisholm Catholic College will be adjusted. An adjustment to the family's statement will be made to reflect a pro-rata entitlement and the new family situation (i.e. from 3 to 2 children in the same family, from 2 to only 1 child).

  • If exit occurs during Term 1 - 75% of discount is reversed
  • If exit occurs during Term 2 - 50% of discount is reversed
  • If exit occurs during Term 3 - 25% of discount is reversed
  • If exit occurs during Term 4 - the discount is maintained

Charges by outside Institutions

The College will absorb the following external charges (but not those charged directly on the Institutional account of the family):

  • processing of individual Centrelink payments (currently $0.99 incl. GST per family payment)
  • dishonoured cheque payments
  • rejection of debit/credit card payments due to credit limit or insufficient funds in account

If a family is charged a fee due to an error by the College's Accounts Department, then the College will reimburse the families costs upon presentation of documented proof.

Financial Assistance

Where payment of fees is likely to cause financial difficulties, an application for an alternate payment plan may be made to the Co-Principals.

It is the responsibility of individual families to notify the College's Accounts Department as to any difficulty in meeting the due dates for fee payments or to arrange an appropriate payment plan.

A variation to the level of fees payable may be available in cases of demonstrated financial hardship. Applications must be accompanied by evidence of household income and assets. You will be asked to attend an interview with one of the Co-Principals.

Overdue Accounts

Families are reminded that fees are payable in accordance with our payment terms. Overdue accounts will be followed up by the accounts department and may ultimately be transferred to a collection agency unless an alternate payment arrangement is confirmed with the Accounts Department.

Where a family does not currently have students at the College and fees remain outstanding, responsible parties will be required to enter into a direct debit agreement with the College. Payments must be made a least monthly, over a period of time as agreed with the College's Accounts Department.

Accessing Account History using the Parent Portal

Current parents can check their account balance and review recent history of payments and charges via the Synergetic Parent Portal (accessed via the Marian Website home page, selecting Parent Access and then selecting Parent Account History).

To access this financial detail through the Synergetic portal, the same ID and password used to book Parent-Teacher Interviews is required.

Once in the Portal, the FINANCE tab is selected. The current balance will be shown (shown as Overall Balance).

By selecting the Transaction History tab, a list of transactions for this year and last year [up to a maximum of 20 financial transactions] will be visible whether they are payments (listed as receipts) or charges by the School (Fees, Discounts, Buses, VET, Laptop repairs etc). Transactions in a particular month can also be checked during this year and last year.

At this stage, past statements cannot currently be viewed.


All queries regarding fees and charges should be directed to the College's Accounts Department on 9363 1711.

(Updated: 24 January 2019)

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