Marian College
A Kildare Education Ministries Catholic school for girls in the Brigidine tradition
196 Glengala Road, Sunshine West 3020

Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative, Victoria.

Marian College sits in the suburb of Sunshine to the west of the city of Melbourne on what was once grasslands extending from Melbourne nearly all the way to Adelaide. There is little, if any, of these grasslands remaining. The creeks that flow near the school have little resemblance to the creeks they once were. Marian College occupies a smallish part of this bio-region. Into this bio-region each day during the week come eight hundred or so girls and one hundred or so staff who drive, use public transport, walk and ride bikes. Also into this bio-region come all the accruements that gather around a secondary school. Our aim at Marian College is to lessen our impact on this smallish part of the planet we temporarily occupy and engage in an educative endeavour that enhances all of our understandings of our proper relationship with all living and nonliving forms.

During 2006 Marian College joined what was then the Victorian Sustainable Schools Initiative, now called Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative, Victoria.

This means that over the next few years Marian College will be looking at such things as waste and litter policy, recycling, composting, reuse practices, water strategy, reduction practices, energy strategy, energy reduction practices, retrofitting, biodiversity policy and landscape practices, to mention a few. Waste, Water, Energy and Biodiversity will also become part of the school's curriculum. It is hoped that this program will involve the whole school community; staff, students and parents.

Included in the Marian College Mission Statement is the following:

'Marian College will, as a custodian of our Earth, confirm our faith in the future through careful stewardship that models and promotes a responsible and restrained use of resources". To support this:

  • Marian College has produced an Environmental Policy Statement.
  • Marian College has become part of the Brimbank City Council recycling program.
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