Bus Options for getting to and from Marian College

1. College coordinated Bus Services (revised as of 1 February 2019)

Marian College operates 6 school coordinated bus services in the morning and 6 school coordinated services in the afternoon. Each of these services offers Buses with seat belts (which are required to be worn by the students) and air-conditioning.

Given early demand for the Bus 3 Hillside and Bus 5 Derrimut-Deer Park services for 2019, the service referred to as Bus 6 Deer Park will operate again. The continuity of this service will be monitored. If actual passenger numbers on Bus 3 and Bus 5 do not justify the need for the new service then the College may decide to revert to five services.

The Bus 6 service will be conducted by Sita Coaches using a 24 seater bus. The service will drop off students at the front of the College of a morning and leave from the top of the School’s Staff Carpark of an afternoon (in front of the Basketball Court).

To help promote the College and offset the cost of the bus services, the route serviced by the Marian College bus may be varied during the year. Any changes will be announced to families and students with good notice. Timetables will not be affected, just a change in the bus carrying the students.

The College services have pick up/drop off points in the following areas (select the links for more information about stops and times for the morning and afternoon runs):

*Students catching the bus at the stop on Ballarat Road (corner of Allandale Drive) will need to catch Bus 6 in the morning and afternoon at this stage.

Morning and afternoon times may need to be adjusted as the year progresses. We will advise of any subsequent changes.

The annual Bus Fee for 2019 is $880.00 per daily service. The full amount will be charged for the year in February but is payable in 4 instalments of $220.00 at the start of each term.

More details are available on the Marian College website under College Information>Fees or at

Given the location of the College, families are not eligible to claim assistance in the payment of the transport charge from the Government's Conveyance Allowance Program.

*NB: At the end of each year, the routes, stops and timetables are reassessed based on confirmations of users received for services for the following year. The intention is to make as few changes as possible for the following year but the College reserves the right to make changes where deemed necessary for safety, operational efficiency or viability reasons.

2. DEECD provided Bus Services

Three Government funded services for the exclusive use of Marian College students are currently available. The College has no control over the operation of these services.

The three Government provided services are (select the links for stops and times and a map of the route):

3. PTV Bus Services

Route 420 Sunshine Station-Watergardens Station (Direct Service)

A service links Marian College with Watergardens Station and Sunshine Station travelling along Glengala Road, Tilburn Road, Station Road & Kings Road in both directions.

This service has bus stops within 60m of the front gate of Marian College coming from either direction. Push this link for more information on the route, stops and times: ).

Note: Note: Students wishing to catch the 420 service heading in the direction of Watergardens Station (towards Fitzgerald Road) need to catch the bus on the opposite side of Glengala Road to that of Marian College. In the interest of safety, students are required to use the pedestrian lights in crossing Glengala Road to get to the bus stop.

Routes 427 & 428 (Indirect Services)

Two local Sunshine routes, 427 and 428, enable students to connect with the 420 service (access route maps and timetables through the following links:

Route 400 Laverton-Derrimut

This service operates between Laverton Station and Sunshine Station via Derrimut (refer to this link for more information about the route, stops and timetable).

Students could be dropped off at the Deer Park Railway Station/Tilburn Road Bus Stop and connect with the route 420 service to Marian College (and vice versa).

For example, a student living in the Derrimut area could catch the 400 service at Pembrooke Crescent/ Westminster Parkway, be dropped off at Deer Park Station/Tilburn Rd and catch the 420 service to the College (check PTV timetables for connection times).

Alternatively, a student could be dropped off opposite Ardeer Station in Tilburn Road and walk to the College (approximately a 10 minute walk).

4. V/Line Train Services

The College is approximately a 10 minute walk from Ardeer Station. This station is serviced by the Ballarat and Geelong V/Line trains. The 420 Bus also connects with these train services either at Sunshine Station or Deer Park Station.

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