• Leadership Team

    Bernadette Casey

    Assistant to the Principal - Faith

    Bernadette joined Marian College Sunshine West as a devoted educator in 2021 and quickly made an impact. In 2022, she was appointed as the Assistant to the Principal: Faith and Mission, taking on the crucial responsibility of fostering and nurturing the faith development of staff and students, while promoting a deep understanding of the Catholic tradition.

    With over two decades of experience in Catholic education spanning the Melbourne and Sandhurst Dioceses, Bernadette held various teaching and leadership positions in primary, secondary and P-12 school settings.

    During her time at the Catholic Education Office Sandhurst, Bernadette played a vital role in supporting Religious Education Leaders, assisting them in creating meaningful experiences of prayer and spirituality for their students. She also provided professional development and faith formation opportunities for school staff and leadership. As a passionate advocate for continual learning, Bernadette has pursued postgraduate studies to incorporate contemporary educational theories into the curriculum. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Teaching and Master of Educational Management from The University of Melbourne, and a Graduate Certificate and Master in Theology from the Australian Catholic University. Her studies in Rome further enriched her appreciation for contemporary Catholic identity in schools.

    In 2023, Bernadette took part in the Mercy Integral Ecology Emerging Leaders Fellowship program, dedicating herself to developing personal and communal responses to climate change and the human impact on our planet. Through the lenses of theology and science, she sought to understand the interplay between our actions and the environment.

    Outside of her professional endeavours, Bernadette finds solace in expressing her creativity through oil and watercolour painting. She values quality time with her loved ones and treasures opportunities to explore the serene ambiance of Australian countryside towns. At the same time, she eagerly anticipates the exhilaration of traveling abroad, with Japan being a destination of interest in the near future.

    Bernadette’s dedication to meeting students’ individual needs, fostering their personal growth and empowering them to form strong opinions sets her apart as a passionate educator. She nurtures pastoral relationships with all members of the Marian community through her open and compassionate communication style. Bernadette’s zest for knowledge, commitment to faith and love for art and exploration make her a cherished and well-rounded member of the Marian College community.