• Leadership Team

    Donna Rampova

    Assistant to the Principal - Staff

    Donna joined Marian College in 1998 and is a proud Bridigine woman. She has held a variety of leadership positions across the college and is particularly honoured by the relationships she has developed with the staff, students and the wider community.

    Donna has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Humanities and a Diploma of Education Faculty of Social Sciences, both from La Trobe University.  Donna has held a variety of leadership positions including: Religious Education Coordinator, Year 7 to 10 Curriculum Leader,  SOSE Coordinator and Head of Staff Development. Leadership opportunities at Marian College have given Donna the ability to build and transform individuals and to support the growth of the college community.

    Donna was appointed Head of Staff in 2010. This role evolved over a number of years and now operates to assist the Principal in all areas relating to staff. The Assistant to the Principal: Staff works to develop and implement programs that support the continuous improvement and growth of all staff at the College. Donna’s primary objective in carrying out her role is to build capacity of and respond to the needs of staff, supporting the delivery of innovative, improvement-focussed initiatives. She is responsible for fostering a positive and fair school community ensuring a harmonious and productive work environment.

    Donna’s vision for Marian reflects a profound commitment to providing a holistic education that nurtures the minds, hearts and spirits of its students. The vision encompasses a desire to create an environment where faith, our Kildare values, and academic excellence foster a sense of purpose and compassion in our young people. Marian College aspires to empower students with the knowledge and skills to thrive academically, while simultaneously encouraging them to become active contributors to their communities and the world at large, guided by the tenets of the Kildare Ministries core values of  justice, wonder, courage, hope, compassion and hospitality.

    Outside of school, Donna enjoys the simple pleasures of life, with a passion for warmth and relaxation. She spends time basking in the sun, savouring the joys of warmer weather and her family.