• Leadership Team

    Jane Goddard

    Assistant to the Principal - Learning and Teaching

    Jane joined the Marian Community in 2013 as Assistant to the Principal – Learning and Teaching. She is an experienced educator who has taught in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, both in independent and Catholic schools. She has also taught future teachers in the university sector.

    Jane has extensive leadership experience, with roles including Head of Middle School, Head of Curriculum, and Director of Learning and Teaching in previous schools.

    Her role at Marian College is to work collaboratively with all members of the community to ensure that every Marian student experiences learning success. Jane has worked with teachers and teams on embedding high impact teaching strategies into our Marian classrooms, as well as ensuring that learning programs and tracking of student learning progress are data informed.

    A current priority is leading curriculum change, with many new initiatives being planned and implemented. The aim of this change is to ensure that our learning programs are preparing our graduates to have the breadth of capabilities and skills to adapt and flourish in a complex and rapidly changing world, and to have courage to address global challenges and build the collective wellbeing of their community.